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For Trainers and Instructors:

Fast Fixes for Three Types of Riding Fear

How many times have you worked with your rider to carefully build riding skills or prepare for competition, only to have the "fear Godzilla" smash your work to bits? 

Would you like to have quick techniques in your toolbox that can short circuit your rider's physical and mental fear reactions?

Based on EFT tapping techniques, I've distilled five easy-to-teach, quick-to-perform fixes that you can use for the three most common types of riding fears:  physical fear, show nerves, and "performance anxiety", or anxiety in your rider when trying to perform a specific skill.

In under 17 minutes, you quickly learn the common signs of each of these three fears, and five methods of addressing the fears, including which ones work best on which fears. 

Don't let fear hobble your horse and rattle your rider.

Intead, get Fast Fixes for Fear; it might just be the best $2.99 you ever spent!

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Wrist Points for Show Nerves


To calm show nerves, use these two points on the inside of the wrist.  Tap lightly with two fingers, or touch and hold while breathing evenly.

Fast Fixes for Fear mp3  Price: $2.99
In this podcast, learn how to apply five techniques to fight common riding fears.  Time 16:57, mp3 format.

Audio (c) 2010 Ange Dickson Finn, all rights reserved

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Price: $2.99

In this podcast, learn how to apply five techniques to fight common riding fears.  Time 16:57, wma (windows media audio) format.  Plays on computers with Windows Media Player.
Audio (c) 2010 Ange Dickson Finn, all rights reserved

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Fast Fear Fixes:  just in time for the big shows!  If you like what you learn, book an EFT session for even more help.

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(c) 2010 Ange Dickson Finn, All Rights Reserved.

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