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Learn how EFT has helped others

"All your students got better as their rides went on." Hunter judge's comment to trainer whose students used EFT to prepare for their show.  Read the full story here

"Bella and I are doing so much better, I can't thank you enough!!"

Terrie D., after one session

"Tapping?  Who knew?  I had heard of it before but dismissed it.  Luckily I met Ange who reintroduced me to tapping to help overcome my fear of jumping.  I've only tried it once (so far) but I saw and felt a real difference in my attitude and in what I was able to accomplish in my next lesson.  Now I'm waiting for the ground to thaw to try again!" 
Ginny Simon

"THANK YOU so, so much!  That was more helpful, in more unexpected ways, than I ever imagined."

Amy Thomsen

"I have benefited on a number of occasions from EFT as administered by Ange.  Utilization of EFT during times of stress as well as at times of pain have had almost immediate, positive effects.  I find that I am more centered, more peaceful and less anxious following even short episodes of EFT.  I especially appreciate the spoken phrases that accompany the tapping.  Those words are powerful and remind me of my value."

Sandy Engel (non-rider)

Who can benefit from EFT?

  • Amateur riders
  • Pleasure riders
  • Beginners on horseback
  • Professional instructors and trainers
  • Children
  • Riders in competition
  • Non-riders
  • Horses!

Session Successes
  • In a horse clinic group session with riders, several riders experienced relief from pain or a drop in their fear when imagining a riding accident.  One rider reported that even though her neck pain did not resolve from the session, she was experiencing a renewed optimism about her riding and had some fresh ideas on what direction to take.  Almost all participants reported lessening of tension or described a feeling of "lightness".

  • An eight year old rider went from near tears, asking to leave her class over cavaletti, to relaxed and ready to ride again, in under five minutes.  Sarah was new to the barn, and feeling very tense about the horses she was riding.  After a few rounds of tapping together, with her on horseback and me saying the tapping statements for her, she became relaxed, talkative and interactive, and quickly asked to rejoin the class.  Read a full account of the session here.

  • A group of youth and adult riders, ranging from beginners to intermediate level competitors, used EFT to improve their performances at a hunter-jumper show.  The judge commented to their trainer, "All your students got better as their rides went on." 

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Disclaimer: All information on this website is offered as educational, and is not, nor intended as, diagnosis or treatment.  EFT, MTT, and other techniques are self-help modalities and are offered as such.   Although there is data on the effectiveness of some of these modalities, they are still considered experimental.  If you use these techniques, you agree to take full responsibility for their use and for your own health, exercising common sense in practicing self-help techniques.  This information is not intended in place of regular medical care.  Please consult a doctor or mental health care professional as needed.

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