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Fill out and submit the form below for a no-obligation quote on EFT. 

You may be thinking, EFT sounds good, but do sessions work?  How long will it take, and how much will it cost?  I want to know what I'm getting into.

Although you're never obligated beyond one session at a time, some issues resolve quickly and some take longer.  There's no magic number of sessions for every situation, but to get an idea of what would be helpful for you, fill out the form below and send it to me.  I can give you a general idea of how I have worked with others on similar situations.

Here's the fine print:

  • There is no obligation when you send this form
  • I will not share this information and will only use to send a recommendation to you
  • Your email address will only be used for the purpose of sending a recommendation, unless YOU CHOOSE to be added to the mailing list

My goal is to help you resolve your fears and get back to enjoying riding as quickly as possible.  At the same time, I'll leave you with tools you can use on your own.  Riding with confidence again may be more affordable than you think--enjoying your horse again is priceless.  

Note:  Please be aware of the limits of confidentiality of anything transmitted via the Internet.  I keep your information confidential once I have received and downloaded it. I cannot guarantee its confidentiality en route or while stored online in email servers.  Email and forms stored on servers are not under my control, and no one can guarantee that email can only be read or received by the intended recipient.  Therefore, if you are concerned about needing absolute privacy of certain information, please don't include it on this form.  Instead, write in the comment section that you have information to share in a secure manner, and we will set that up.  

Before you complete this form, please note:  I respond to all assessments from this address:  ange@ridewithoutfear.com. Please make sure to add it to your safe sender list; or check your spam filter, if you don't hear back from me right away. You can also simply click on the email address above to email me directly.  Thank you!

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Fear from a fall
Afraid to lope, canter, gallop
Afraid to jump
Pain interferes with riding
Nervous around horses
Grief over loss of a horse
Show ring or performance anxiety
Fear from horse-related injury
Other (describe below)
What best describes your riding?
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When I receive your form, I'll contact you by email to set up a 20 minute complimentary phone call. In that phone call we can get to know each other a little more and explore how tapping might help your riding issue. At that time, if you're ready, we will schedule your first appointment.

Houston, TX
Phone/Fax: 1-877-650-6679

Disclaimer: All information on this website is offered as educational, and is not, nor intended as, diagnosis or treatment.  EFT, MTT, and other techniques are self-help modalities and are offered as such.   Although there is data on the effectiveness of some of these modalities, they are still considered experimental.  If you use these techniques, you agree to take full responsibility for their use and for your own health, exercising common sense in practicing self-help techniques.  This information is not intended in place of regular medical care.  Please consult a doctor or mental health care professional as needed.

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